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PipelineDeals is committed to offering educational classes for you and your team to learn how to use PipelineDeals, receive product updates and training, and expand your knowledge of sales. All courses are 100% free. Watch pre-recorded classes, download class notes, and register for live webinars!



The 7 Secret Wonders of PipelineDeals

Watch this class to get a first-hand glimpse of 7 amazing features that often go unnoticed, but once discovered, most can't live without! Recorded 8/31/2016

101 : Get started

Maximize Your Day with PipelineDeals

This essential class provides an in-depth overview of PipelineDeals to make sure your business is on the path to productivity. Recorded 8/25/2016

102 : Get started

Admin Setup for Success

Designed for new account administrators who are setting up their account for the first time. Recorded 2/9/2016

201 : Build Skills

Import With Ease

Importing your data into PipelineDeals doesn't have to be daunting! We provide you with all the tips and tricks we've uncovered and walk you thru this step-by-step so you can import your data into PipelineDeals easily. 5/4/16 at 10AM PDT

202 : Build Skills

Get Geeky & Create Cool Reports

For Account Admins - build sophisticated reports in PipelineDeals using filter views, in-app reporting, and the Excel/Google Sheet integration. Recorded 1/20/2016

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Digging In with Jack Kosakowski

This Digging In episode features JP Werlin, CEO of PipelineDeals and Jack Kosakowski, who is the Global Head of B2B Social Sales Execution at Creation Agency.

Digging In with Andrew Amrhein

My name is JP Werlin. I am CEO of PipelineDeals, and today I am joined by Andrew Amrhein, Senior Business Coach at Summit Services.

Digging In with Bill Blaine

My name is JP Werlin. I am CEO of PipelineDeals, and today I am joined by Bill Blaine, who is a partner at Bassman Blaine, down in Costa Mesa, California.

Digging In with Joyce Juntunen

We invited Joyce Juntunen, who is the Head of Sales at Market Leader, to share with us some of her thoughts on outbound sales.

Digging In with Brooks Schaener

This Digging In episode features JP Werlin, CEO of PipelineDeals and Brooks Schaener from Redwood Plastics in Woodland, Washington.

Digging In with Matt Gitzlaff

This Digging In episode features JP Werlin, CEO of PipelineDeals and Matt Gitzlaff, sales manager at Wil-Kil Pest Control. In the interview, they dig in deep on tough topics ranging from what it takes to overcome past mistakes to how to transition from sales into leadership.

Digging In with Andrew McCaffery

This web series stars PipelineDeals CEO JP Werlin interviewing sales leaders from thriving businesses. JP digs in deep with sales leaders to ask insightful and sometimes uncomfortable questions you always wanted to know about how sales leaders think about growing and developing their company.

Guiding Customers to Close

10 Techniques for Building Trust and Value

Dominate 2016 With a Sales Process That Works

Your sales process is critical to your success. This class provides strategies and tips for building or revamping a sales process that works for your business. Recorded 12/17/2015

Product Updates

Product Updates

Webinar: Everyone is in Sales

Increasing revenue from existing customers is a top priority for business leaders in 2018. Now is the time for you to strategize how you’ll accelerate growth with customers!

Webinar: Customer Management

Learn how to convert companies to customers, create key milestones, grow existing customer revenue, and more!

Learn More About Customer Management

We recently launched a suite of new customer management features to help businesses manage their post-sales relationships. In fact, these new features are so good that you can now manage your clients in one system forever.

Visualize Success With New Sales Reporting and Forecasting

Sales reporting in PipelineDeals just got a massive upgrade. Find out how new reporting features give you deeper insight into your sales team’s performance and help you improve sales forecasting.

Refer a Friend for Commissions

Learn how to earn a commission for referring customers that sign up with PipelineDeals using the new Refer-A-Friend in-app feature and by becoming a PipelineDeals Referral Partner.

The New Home of Pipeline

In this class we recap our recent product releases, including the new Home Tab and Custom Field Groups. This webinar will show you how to make the most of all the new enhancements to PipelineDeals. Recorded 8/17/2016

Steps to Success With Email & Connect

Find out how use our new sales force automation tool, Connect, to send targeted email campaigns. Recorded 3/22/2016

What's New With PipelineDeals

Learn about the latest product updates to PipelineDeals, including starred lists, Connect email integration, and more. Recorded 3/9/2016

Make Accelerator Work For You

PipelineDeals new Accelerator plan helps you work smarter, not harder. In this webinar, you will learn best practices in using PipelineDeals Accelerator and Automations. Recorded 9/30/2015

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